Chuck Ryer

Chuck Ryer teaches for Eugene brance of The Heather and the Rose Country Dancers. He has been teaching English and Scottish country dance since 1981. He has also studied the folk dances of Ireland and Wales, and includes these styles in his classes.

In 1988 Chuck received the teaching certificate from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. In addition, he has studied country dance teaching with Bruce Hamilton, Ron Wallace, June Shore and Frances Gray. Chuck has presented workshops in Portland, Seattle and Victoria. He is a member of TAC, the international association for teachers of Scottish Country Dance.

Chuck loves all the national styles of country dance. Although they have a common origin, each nationality has given its own individual stamp to its dances, yet complement nicely. Only through learning all styles can the student of country dance learn to appreciate the full spectrum of tempo, rhythm and emotion evoked by country dances.

He has written several dances.