English and Scottish Dance Camp Weekend

May 31-June 2, 2024

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Suttle Lake Camp, Sisters  Oregon


Bridget Whiteheadconveys warmth and enthusiasm in her dancing and teaching, encouraging kindness, community and the love of dancing together. Bridget fell in love with English country dancing in Toronto, Ontario in 2005 and began organizing and calling in 2009 when she founded a bi-weekly English country dance in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Bridget was a regular caller and workshop deviser in Ashland, Oregon for several years and recently moved back to Ontario with her husband Kyle Hardman. She has called for local dances in Ontario, Missouri, and Oregon, Youth Dance Weekend (Vermont) and Fall Frolick (California) in 2023, and Hey Days English Dance and Music Week in 2019, 2022, and 202, where she currently serves as program director. In addition to her background in several dance forms, Bridget has a degree in education and a knowledge of music theory, yoga, and Pilates.

Musicians - The Fine Companions

Betsy Branch has been a mainstay of Portlan's English and contra dance community for twelve years. Her exuberant dance fiddling has delighted dancers on both coasts. She plays in several contra dance bands including Wild Hair and Night Owl, and she collaborates with musicians from all around the U.S. for English and contra dances. Betsy is also very active in Portland's Irish music community, playing for sessions, concerts and sean-nos dancing. She is the associate music director of Portland's Revels theater company and their house fiddler. Betsy's primary passion is teaching and mentoring fiddlers and dance musicians. She teaches privately out of her home in Portland and for workshops around the region. Her warmth and engaging smile extend beyond the stage and draw in dancers and listeners alike. Betsy's fiddling can be heard on a number of recordings, including her newest CD with David Kaynor, Midnight in Montague, a twin fiddle recording.

Lisa Scott is an accomplished pianist and teacher. Coming from a musical heritage, she earned a Bachelor of Music at Lewis and Clark College. She studied the art of accompaniment at the University of Southern California and in New York. She began Scottish dancing, soon earned her preliminary teaching certificate, and then leared to play for Scottish dance. Lisa has played piano for Scottish dance in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, and Scotland. Many years ago she fell in love with English country dance and music and has been playing for workshops and balls ever since. Lisa's sensitivity to dance rjhythms and her lyrical style make her music a joy for dancers.

Erik Weberg is a regular musican at English country dances in Portland, and he organizes and plays for a monthly contra dance with the band Joyride, playing flute, Scottish small pipes, and bombarde. He is also an English and contra dance caller.

Bill Tomczak has been playing clarinet for folk dance of one kind or another since 1979. A member of the contra dance band Latter Day Lizards, he has also recorded with BLT, Wild Asparagus and Yankee Ingenuity and appears on the recordings Cascade of Tears and Gypsy Wine with Mary Lea and friends. Since moving to Portland, he plays regularly for both English country dance and contra on clarinet, tenor saxophone, and percussion.

Sound Engineer

John Oorthuys has been ably providing sound reinforcement for English and contra dances throughout the Northwest for decades.


Friday night through Sunday afternoon.


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General information

All events are fragrance-free - please help us make dance accessible to all by not wearing scented products!