Bob Fraley

Bob Fraley is part of the teaching team for The Heather and The Rose Eugene Country Dancers. He began teaching international folk dance, including English and Scottish country dances in 1966. He worked with Richard Chase and was in several workshops with Carl Wittman. He attended English dance workshops at Berea College, Pinewoods, and Mendocino.

Bob started the San Jose English Country Dance group with Bruce Hamilton in 1979, and later taught and managed the Palo Alto English dance group. He helped to develop the English May Festival at Folklore Village in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, which he later taught for a number of years. He organized the San Francisco Bay Area Playford Ball several times, and taught in a number of the SF Bay Area English dance groups. He has taught dance workshops and evenings at a number of places around the US, and now around Oregon.

In addition to English dance, Bob has led several Morris and Sword Dance performing groups. He ran the Zavrti International Folk Dance performing group in Palo Alto area, and performed with International and Scandinavian dance groups in California, Wisconsin, Colorado, and British Columbia.