Kate MacQueen

I started learning English and Scottish Country dancing in 1981. I made my first attempt at teaching at a teachers' workshop with Jacqueline Schwab in 1993. My first real classes were in Roseburg, when I substituted for Alixe Dancer occasionally. Now I co-teach The Heather and the Rose Country Dancers classes in Corvallis and Eugene on a regular basis.

In my teaching I attempt to share the sense of community and the joy of dancing that the Heather and the Rose has given me. I hope to help people become beautiful dancers, teaching them how to dance, as well as teaching them dances.

Mostly I dance at Heather and Rose events around Oregon but I've also danced in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and around England, with American tourists as well as at folk festivals and in community gatherings with the natives. I love that dancing has given me friends all over the world, people I may not see often but with whom I share a bond that transcends differences in age, background, political opinion, and everything else.

I learn something about teaching from every class I teach and every class I take.